Ahrend is an international leader in office furniture committed to delivering contemporary and highly sustainable office lifestyles to corporate end-users around the world. Products and interiors are designed to encourage the wellbeing and productivity of the people. Ahrend operates in over 25 countries on five continents, including China, Russia and Dubai. Ahrend delivers furniture and fit out services for office, education, healthcare and retail environments through a portfolio of leading furniture brands such as Techo and Presikhaaf. These recognised brands are often leaders in their relevant markets and some look back at a heritage of over 100 years.

Our Mission

  • Ahrend is the leading European expert in the field of professional work environments.
  • What makes Ahrend unique?
  • We provide one of the highest global standards in ergonomic design
  • We are the largest European player with a Dutch Design signature
  • Research and development, production, marketing, sales and service: Ahrend controls the entire chain
  • We are the first company in our industry to implement the principles of the Cradle-to-Cradle design philosophy
  • We have the most extensive and most well-distributed European network
  • We have the largest installed base in Europe
  • We are proud of our royal title. There can only be one royal company in each industry and in office furniture it is us!

We believe that vitalising workspaces attract and retain talent, increase employee experience and are therefore crucial to the success of organizations.

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