The firm Arcadis has a long history, having been established in 1888. It is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets, which in close cooperation with its clients and by delivering services in the area of design, consultancy, projects and management delivers exceptional and sustainable outcomes. It is therefore no surprise that they have strict requirements when it comes to their workplace environment.

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A new location and new opportunities

The new office is closer to the centre, near the Warsaw West Railway Station. From here the city centre is just 3 km away, and it is well served by public transport. Everyone who knows the Warsaw traffic situation also knows how important good transport links are.

West Station II building has the highest BREEAM "Excellent" rating and offers a number of sustainable solutions. The building is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting, motion sensors and smart lighting management, has low carbon dioxide emission, uses energy from wind farms, and has a complex infrastructure for cyclists: racks and changing rooms with showers.

Sustainable development

Are you moving and would like new furniture? Try and arrange the renovation of existing furniture. Together with Arcadis we strove to recycle as much of the existing furniture as possible. For example, we changed the worn tops of conference tables whilst using the original bases. Where necessary we added new furniture that met the client‘s strict requirements. 

Office created by its users

The new office was designed by the Arcadis’ team of architects who have extensive experience in fit-out projects for large international clients, but also for smaller office spaces. Thanks to the experience of designers and their knowledge of the needs of other colleagues, the new office offers the best possible working environment for each team.

Comfortable working space for everyone

Thanks to the smart space arrangement, the new office will accommodate a constantly growing number of employees. Depending on their needs, they can choose traditional work station, closed conference rooms, focus rooms for individual work, or open and semi-open spaces for creative teamwork.

The "People First" principle was one of the priorities when creating concept of new office. It was the people and their changing style of work that were at the heart of project, thanks to which everyone can find the most comfortable working space. Furthermore, each desk is equipped with an electric height adjustment.

Katarzyna Piwowarska and Magdalena Kubicka
Architects Arcadis

Nature first

The reference to nature is an important part of the office design. It was achieved by introducing many green elements, including a moss wall which purifies the air.

What did we use?

Activity Based Working

Work and workplaces have been transformed over the past few decades, the advent of new technologies have enabled new ways of working and made workers vastly more productive. Laptop computers and mobile phones have freed workers from their desks; today, the ubiquity of smartphones and ability to access information stored in the cloud is empowering people to work from anywhere.

At the same time, business models are being disrupted more often and faster than ever before. This increases the need for new, more productive and flexible ways of working. Fully supported by new technologies. Activity Based Working (ABW) is an approach that provides workers with different activity settings tailored to the tasks they’re doing.

ABW brings out the best in people and organisations. It leads to an increase in wellbeing and productivity, added value, better knowledge sharing and financial benefits but above all, it gives flexibility.

ABW enables your organisations to attract the best and most talented people and facilitate successful collaboration between them. 

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