MSD Warsaw

Right from the start it was clear that the Polish branch of MSD would in many regards be exceptional. The creation of a workplace environment for 450 people over six floors with an area equivalent to that of a football pitch is a great challenge. Both from an architectural and a logistics perspective. This is particularly true if you are talking about a high-rise building with a single lift.


The concept from the architects called for a different colour scheme for each floor, and various thematically composed parts of the new interior. Each floor has a different colour, and differently arranged kitchenette. One of them is reminiscent of a natural scene in Columbia, the second takes you on a visit to Korea and in the third you find yourself in the middle of a forest.

The architectural concept required specially modified furnishings and also necessitated complex work with decorations. In order to deliver this concept we made use of not only our own production capabilities, and the brand portfolio of our group, but also to a greater extent we also engaged local partners.

A system for the central management of orders on suppliers is something we have set up for large projects in several markets, but this was more or less the first time we had put it into practice in Poland. The main advantage for the client is simplified communication. The client has a single point of contact – the person responsible for coordinating all work on the project. This makes work on the project, including any unplanned additional work, cheaper and quicker.

We build long-term relationships with local partners, which ensures that greater quality and added value for our customers. We are also ready to work with suppliers that are appointed by the customer. This flexibility helped us to complete MSD’s new offices in just 4 months. 

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David Kovalovsky
Senior sales manager

We normally gauge the success of large projects in terms of the amount of additional work and repairs. In the case of this project there was no need, which I consider a great joint success. A project like this requires the full engagement of all parties. From the client, which is able to take quick and effective decisions, to the architect and all the suppliers, of which there were an exceptional number in this case.

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