New offices in Warsaw

Don’t be afraid to combine  

We recently completed new offices in Warsaw that stand out thanks to a varied composition of elements. We didn’t hesitate to reach for lots of interesting items thanks to which plain offices have become a unique and fully-functional space. We used not just our own products, but also products from our long-term suppliers.

Ergonomics and flexibility take priority

In order to create the greatest comfort for employees and space for flexible use of the work environment every day, we selected the height-adjustable desk Alfa up. For other parts of the offices we decided to use a star-shaped desk configuration of the Arkus A, which has an elegance of design enabling surprising workstation arrangements. Comfortable and ergonomic seating is guaranteed using Humanscale task chairs accompanied by other seating furniture in relaxation zones and conference rooms. Bespoke lockers with special locks are used for storing personal belongings and our popular wooden cabinets provide an excellent solution for files and other documents.

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Tomasz Wachowicz and Patryk Golon
Senior Regional Project Manager CEE / Head of Industrial Accounts

Each project is unique and specific, but all projects require good partners and good cooperation between all of them. TECHO not only advised and delivered furniture, but they also participated in space creation providing ideas and suggesting practical solutions. A strong client approach, involvement and a can-do attitude is something I personally would like to see with all partners during each project. This kind of cooperation makes the project happen!

A place made for creative thought

A fresh solution using the standard Arkus A desk makes for an interesting workplace with ample space and privacy for undisturbed work. It can be accompanied by acoustic screens to reduce the unwanted noise of the surrounding office.

Ample meeting rooms ensure not just the smooth running of internal meetings, but also provide space for meetings with your clients behind closed doors. Don’t forget IT connectivity in them and video conferencing, which enables you, for example, to be in constant contact with foreign branches.

Jean-Francois Porracchia
Sr Director R&D Transformation

Whilst we were designing our new R&D centre in Warsaw, TECHO was brought in to contribute to the project! We were struggling to find the right furniture design and battling with multiple architects. The TECHO team stepped up and after a 2hr meeting with them at their showroom during which we provided a rough cut of our floor plan, they managed to provide us with a detailed plan in under a week. This was amazing as they managed to deliver 1000 m2 below the planned budget, on time and with great style. They created multiple atmospheres, all blending with one another in a unique way. Today our new site serves as a showcase of a new office building with a mix of focus room, meeting room, open space and business lounge. This was a great achievement.

An interior blended with nature

Plant and moss walls are becoming ever more frequent features of modern offices and they reflect a desire to bring a bit of nature into the frequently anonymous office buildings. Man and nature are inseparably linked together and because employees today are working harder than ever before they must bring nature with them into the working environment. Plants have a beneficial influence on our health, they improve interior air quality and create an aesthetic impression in the interior. In places where there is insufficient space for a plant/flower wall you can select as an alternative a care-free moss wall.

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