Procter & Gamble Warsaw

The project for Procter&Gamble’s new offices in Warsaw was our first large order in Poland, and it tested the ability of our team on several occasions. The greatest challenge was the installation site, because the offices are part of the largest European production site for children’s nappies - Pampers.

Installation under strict supervision

This American company places great emphasis on security at its production plants. We also had to comply with a raft of strict regulations during the installation work.

Because the work took place while the offices were still in use, it was necessary to perfectly coordinate all the work so that employees could return to their workstations as soon as possible. In three stages, each over three months, we furnished the individual parts.

Despite the demanding conditions for installation, everything was completed to plan and we are happy that we can continue to develop our business relationship with this client. We are in talks regarding new requirements, and every year we add new improvements to the existing interior. Our team in Poland also supports Procter&Gamble with its branches elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe. 

total floor area

How to deal effectively with noise in open-plan offices

Solving the age-old problem of excessive noise in the open-plan environment can take several forms. Relaxation zones are separated from the office space primarily with glass partitions. However, this has some disadvantages. The main problems are cost and the inability to make changes later. If after some time you decide to rearrange your office layout, the fixed partitions will, as a rule, have to be changed completely.

What has your car in common with your workspace?

In order to work around all the limitations and offer a high-standard acoustic solution for a reasonable price, we decided to create bespoke modular panels from Basotect®. This special foam has excellent sound absorbing qualities and is fire resistant. These qualities make it a popular material in the automotive industry where the advantages of its patented composition means it fulfils fire safety requirements for use as engine noise insulation.

Watch the video about sound absorption for open offices:

When solving modern-day acoustical challenges, the only limit to working with Basotect is your imagination. In this video, Inside the Blueprint highlights the versatility that consumers can expect when working with the Basotect family of products. From sound absorption for room acoustic applications to creating eye catching shapes and designs, Basotect provides style and function without compromise.

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