Would you like an engaging insight into the latest trends from the world of commercial interiors? We warmly invite you to visit our new showroom in Warsaw, Wola district.

We believe that the future of work is creative. It is about creating working environments that inspire us and unbridle our creative soul to generate ideas, to take advantage of opportunities and to challenge each other to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

We listen to our customers and partners – the need for workspaces that empower people and stimulate all senses. We understand that interaction and engagement means more than just conference room meetings.

Our showroom acts as a laboratory or sandbox for innovation. Here you can experience a variety of engagement scenarios, you can test the latest designs and smart solutions, and more importantly you can create your own!

Petr Kolář
Architect ADR

Industrial legacy

“Originally there was a factory for the production of Philips lightbulbs here. When designing the interior we therefore referenced the industrial style of the building, which is unique for this part of town. We created a space that inspires the client to its own creative solutions and offers it many interesting options.”

Jan Matoušek
artist - graffiti wall

Explosion of colours

“The explosion of colours refers to the creative energy that we all have within us. Everyone has an ability to be creative and in so doing provide and outlet for their imagination. This principle is transferred onto the wall on which colours explode and flow in various intensities.”

We look forward to your visit

Before arriving please agree a meeting with a salesman so you will be able to make maximum use of your time during your visit. List of contacts.

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