We care for the environment in which we do business and continually contribute to its improvement. We were one of the first companies on the Czech market to be certified in accordance with European and international environmental standards. We systematically monitor the impact of our activities. Production, supplier selection, logistics, waste management, the behaviour of employees – at all levels we strive for continual improvement so that we are ready to face the new challenges that are sure to come with the future development of this field. 

We are thinking of our common future

Our production technology and products meet the strictest criteria for protection of the environment. We are a member of a club of environmentally-oriented firms engaged in FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme), which is focused on improving the relationship with the environment and corporate social responsibility. We are proud that we were the first company with its production base outside Great Britain to become a FISP certificate holder.


We design our products so as to have minimum environmental impact. We reduce the volume of material used. We use materials that can be recycled. We ensure that our products are easy to disassemble into separate recyclable components.


The emissions produced by our production are significantly below the limit prescribed by international standards. We have excluded harmful materials from the production process. We invest in the latest technology and machinery. All waste is analysed and regulated.


We do our best on an annual basis to reduce the amount of packaging material we use by 10%. We are pleased that we have been able to hit this target, even at times when production capacity has been increased.


From energy saving lightbulbs to energy efficient machines and the reuse of heat in production. We make use of alternative sources of electricity – we have installed solar panels at our factory site


For freight transport we use vehicles that comply with EURO 4 or 5. We select the transport method that will make the best use of load capacity. We select routes involving the least fuel consumption and use local storage centres to ensure minimum fuel consumption per product.


We actively reduce the quantity of paper that we use. We print on both sides, and we write on waste printed paper, we collect used paper and recycle it. We also recycle plastics, we don’t use single-use containers and we avoid bottled water.

Wood is our gold

Even though over the past few years we have grown into one of the largest European firms in our field, we continue to adhere to some initial principles. We have always respected wood as the basic raw material for furniture. We support sustainable forest management and in production we never use tropical hard woods and on principle we are against the use of wood from controversial sources

We are a member of the C–o–C certification system, which guarantees that the chain of custody of wood-based material is documented and monitored. We thus meet the strict conditions set out by the PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification Council). We only purchase wood from suppliers that can guarantee their wood comes from non-controversial sources. The certificate guarantees that all our wood-based material comes from sustainably managed forests.

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